Monday, 31 May 2010

International Crochet Hook Size Chart

The internet has opened up a whole world (quite literally!) of crochet patterns old & new. I love to source vintage patterns for inspiration in my designs, but often the hook size is in old English or American (as opposed to Metric mm) which would result in the finished item being far from the correct size. This is obviously a problem if you are making a garment!

There is quite a difference between international hook sizes - and stitch definitions too, but more on that later. To make things easy, I have complied a list of the most common hook sizes in Metric, Old English and American for you to use as a reference guide. Some sizes do not have an equivalent so simply use the next size up or down depending on whether you have a tighter or looser tension when you crochet. It is always best to do a swatch check if you are going to be making a garment - I know, the sound of it is super tedious but it beats having to undo a finished item that turned out the wrong size! (believe me, that is no fun at all!)

Metric       English       American

1      ***************        *************** 10
1.25 ***************        ***************  8
1.5   ***************        ***************  7
1.75 ***************        ***************  5
2      ***************  14  ***************  B/1
2.25 ***************  13  ***************  B/1
2.75 ***************  12  ***************  C/2
3      ***************        *************** 
3.25 ***************  11  ***************  D/3
3.5   ***************  10  ***************  E/4
3.75 ***************   9   ***************  F/5
4      ***************   8   ***************  G/6
4.5   ***************   7   ***************  7
5      ***************   6   ***************  H/8
5.5   ***************   5   ***************  I/9
6      ***************   4   ***************  J/10
6.5   ***************   3   ***************  10.25
7      ***************   2   ***************  K/10.5
8      ***************   0   ***************  L
9      ***************  00  ***************  N
10    *************** 000 ***************
12    ***************
15    ***************
20    ***************

As soon as I have worked out how to make a downloadable version of this I will post it here. 
Crochet hook photo by Jeremy Wilson

Saturday, 15 May 2010

I'm a Hooker.. are you?

Hi! Welcome to voulez-vous crochet avec moi? This site has come about as a way of sharing my knowledge & passion for crochet. A place to compile a stitch reference guide, to help with pattern translations from various other languages & ultimately a companion to anyone joining me on one of my courses later in the year.

In case you were wondering, I am a British designer & prop stylist living in France - hence the play on words for the blog name - and crochet plays a huge part in my design work. I am hugely inspired by vintage fashion & textiles and love to incorporate elements of both in my work. You can find out more about me & my design or stylist work by visiting my website or see all the wonderful things I am inspired by on my other blog Smitten with it All

I hope to contribute here regularly so that we have a good body of stitches & techniques for you to refer to as well as a few projects for you to get inspired by - and you never know, if I manage to overcome my fear of the camera, maybe even the odd video tutorial!

So, in the (ever so slightly altered) words of Patti LaBelle...
voulez-vous crochet avec moi?